Teaching Fearlessly

This year, teachers in our state are expected to align curriculum and teaching to the Common Core State Standards (Massachusetts version).  Starting next year, teachers in our district will be evaluated using a new Educator Evaluation system that still needs to be developed.  Change is the name of the game.

I refuse to be afraid of change.  Change, done well, should be embraced because we cannot move forward without it.  As teachers, we have a chance to shape the direction our profession will take and it is our responsibility to take that lead.

I made a decision to share my evaluation portfolio as it is developed.  Some items, such as those that include students’ personal information cannot be made publicly available, of course.  In those instances, I will do my best to post a model or redacted version so that others can see what I’m doing to make my professional practice observable and measurable by others.

Some may see this as taking a risk – I see it as teaching and living without fear.  What’s the worst that can happen?  Perhaps someone will criticize a lesson or practice.  I see this as a positive result as it will help me reflect on my practice and perhaps make a change for the better.

I start with the Massachusetts Department of Secondary and Elementary Education’s “Model” Rubric as my guide but expect to make adjustments as my local Association negotiates the final document.  Given the extent to which some aspects are delineated by regulations, I don’t anticipate having to make extensive changes to my portfolio.  This is a marathon, not a sprint, and I appreciate your support and guidance along the way.


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