Learning on the Road

EdCampI’m on a bus to New York City with my son and five other teenagers who are performing tonight and taking master classes in tap tomorrow.  I could look up #EdCampSeacoast to see where it is being held, but it doesn’t matter because I am there without really knowing where “there” is.  For me, it’s on Twitter.  I’ve already learned something new about using Google apps on the iPad – good to know since we are engaged in a 1:1 iPad pilot this year and our district has gone Google, ready or not.

It’s a Saturday, I’m not receiving PDP’s for my time, and there are folks who would say that PD on my own time and my own dime (actually, it’s free) is foolish.  I disagree.  I’m in control of what I learn, when I learn, and the level of my participation.  Like my students, individualizing my learning means that what I learn is more relevant and I’m more likely to retain and use what I learn.  Whether I am participating in my professional development face-to-face or from a distance, I have a chance to engage with others who share my passion and am richer for the opportunity.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to check out all those great ideas shared by the participants in #EdCampSeacoast, #EdCampNYC, and #EdCampOU.

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